About Us

Our Vision

Axiom was founded in 1990 with the simple goal of elevating the sales profession and this remains our mission still. At Axiom we are dedicated to transforming buyer-seller interactions so that every salesperson brings value to every buyer they meet.

Our Mission

We affect this by providing sales organizations with training, tools, and support that simply works, and by helping managers shift from ineffective feedback to powerful coaching that simultaneously drives rep development and sales results.

Our Value

Best of all, we integrate all this into the sales rhythm of our clients so that learning and coaching aren’t separate from work, but an integral part of the daily operations of your sales organization. And our unique business model aligns our compensation with your progress, so you achieve an exceptional ROI for your sales training investment.

Who we are

Your Axiom team has extensive experience in sales, sales leadership, sales operations, and technology development. More importantly, every Axiom person is driven to become an integral part of your success. With Axiom, you not only leverage the most powerful sales effectiveness solution available, but you also have a team of experts ready to assist with a broad range of sales challenges including joint coaching sessions, account and opportunity reviews, and strategic planning.

The Leadership Team

Bob Sanders

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Sanders is CEO of Axiom Sales Kinetics and has more than 30 years’ experience helping organizations such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Thryv, and CommScope achieve exceptional sales results. Prior to acquiring Axiom with his business partners in May of 2022, Bob was the chief operating officer of Reflect Systems, where he helped implement a variety of sales, marketing, and operational initiatives that doubled recurring revenue and positioned the company to be acquired by Creative Realities. Bob has a degree in Marketing from Miami University.

Matt Schmitt

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Schmitt is a technologist and digital media veteran. He began his career in managing broadcasting technologies at Fox Sports, and subsequently helped to pioneer emerging media platforms at broadcast.com and Yahoo. Prior to joining Axiom Sales Kinetics, Mr. Schmitt co-founded Reflect Systems, a digital out-of-home media technology company where he served as President and CTO.

Tony Lannom

Vice President of Sales

Tony Lannom started his career in sales at a local amusement park drawing and selling caricatures. After graduating Tennessee Tech University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Tony had a successful career as a VP of Sales, mostly in the high-tech and communications industries. After being exposed to Axiom Sales as a customer 25+ years ago, Tony joined Axiom in 2010 and is now a partner in the business.

Brian Kludas

Vice President of Client Success

Brian Kludas began his sales journey in the telecom industry being exposed to Axiom as a seller and client. After successfully executing the Axiom model as a seller, he moved into operational positions to support the development of selling skills in the field. After 6 years of being a client and advocate of Axiom, Brian finally joined the team 14 years ago as an instructor. Over the years, Brian has taken on many different roles in the company.