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The Ultimate ROI Formula

How to get management committed to your sales enablement plan

The absolute best sales enablement plan is useless if you can't get your organization to support your initiative.

There's bureaucratic protocols, distracting priorities for management, and let's face it… sometimes the person who needs to approve your plan has no idea how your department actually works.

That's why you have the Ultimate ROI Formula.

In 6-short minutes Bob Sanders gives you the proven numbers and teaches the methods you need to convince your management team.

Meet Your Sales Elevation Expert:

Bob Sanders has been transforming salespeople and entire sales teams for more than 30 years. He started as a lumber salesperson who eventually moved into technology and became a sales leader, sales VP and ultimately the COO of two different companies. In his career in direct sales, sales training and consulting, and business management, Bob has helped thousands of salespeople and sales managers achieve dramatically better results. As COO of Reflect Systems, Bob helped double their recurring revenue, which helped lead to the successful sale of the company.

Bob now dedicates his professional life to his first and foremost passion - elevating the sales profession. As co-owner and managing partner of Axiom Sales Kinetics, Bob is helping revolutionize how people sell and how teams develop their skill and knowledge. Axiom replaces ineffective sales training events with a solution that embeds a better selling methodology into the normal flow of business, delivering dramatically better results.

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