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Video and White Paper: The Truth About Sales Performance Metrics

Many organizations struggle to optimize sales performance – largely because they don’t have clear, meaningful metrics – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

As highlighted in three recent research journal articles, the unfortunate truth about sales performance metrics is that sales organizations typically focus most of their energy on the wrong metrics and generally use the metrics they are tracking in the wrong way. This results in a variety of associated dysfunctional selling behaviors that lead to missed objectives, decreased margins, and customer and sales team churn. In this paper we will examine the underlying challenges associated with many of the commonly used metrics and provide a framework for defining and leveraging improved sales performance measures. Readers will also be provided a list of sample metrics and recommended steps to implementing more effective sales performance measures in their organizations.

This white paper will help readers:

  • Better evaluate the quality of their sales performance metrics.

  • Guide the organization on how to properly use sales performance metrics to improve sales effectiveness.

  • Secure organizational alignment around the predictive metrics that can help them drive sales excellence.

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