Traditional CRM is used as a management tool.

Funny thing is, most salespeople are focused on selling and providing value to their customers.

So now what?


ASK Yourself

Is your CRM helping your sellers better serve your customers, or better serve YOU?

If it’s the latter, and you’re ready to stop the revolving door that your onboarding, sales training & CRM investment dollars keep flying out of…

Your Sales Organization Needs a Hero.  Your sellers AND customers will thank you. 

We Guarantee

The information required to provide the greatest impact to your customers does NOT reside in your CRM.   unless you’re an ASK customer

Give us 30 minutes & we’ll prove it to you.  Then we’ll show you how to get it.

Most shocking of all…..

We Guarantee


that your sellers are not inputting information into your CRM 


are only entering just enough to get paid and keep management off their backs.   

Give us 30 minutes & we’ll prove it to you. 

Then we’ll show you how to get it.


Either way, your CRM & sales process are failing you, your sellers, AND your customers.

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ASK‘s Client Collaborative CRM Includes:

We’ve built our own Client Collaborative CRM from the ground up to provide:

  • All information your customers need to make the most impactful decision
  • All information your sellers need to qualify, maximize impact and prove the value of their products and services
  • Information not found in ANY other CRM
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Integrated ASK Academy e-Learning for continued reinforcement of ASK’s selling methodology 
  • Coming soon, Virtual Active Learning Experience sales simulations VALE, for in-home or office practice

What is the problem with CRM today?

It is built as a MANAGEMENT tool. 

So, why is it called CUSTOMER Relationship Management?

ASK has clearly defined every single piece of information required to qualify and best serve your customers.

And we guarantee two things:


You and your team will AGREE that we’ve identified all the information needed for you to best serve your customers. NOTHING is missing,


This information DOES NOT currently reside in your existing CRM.

You read that correctly. We are submitting that virtually nothing you and your organization need to best serve your customers is in your CRM.

Our entire process is designed to help your sellers become trusted advisors to their customers, with the intent of helping buyers make the best purchase decisions possible.

We had to create a CRM tool with the same DNA.

As a result, & probably for the first time, all of your sellers will WANT to use it, newbies and seasoned professionals alike. Your management reports will become more robust and predictable because they are a by-product of more accurate reporting, by a WILLING team of sellers.

They will ALL agree they will better serve their customers and sell more at higher margins if they use our process.

We guarantee it or you pay nothing.

Feeling better?

You should be.


ASK’s Client Collaborative CRM is the first developed and engineered as a true sales tool, focused on the information that helps your salespeople maximize customer impact, differentiate their solutions, better qualify opportunities, and


win more sales

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ASK’s Client Collaborative CRM with integrated e-learning focuses on what’s missing in traditional CRM:


the customer