Certified ASK Implementers are

Your salespeople demand credibility

from their instructors. Put someone with no knowledge of your industry and little or no sales experience in front of a group of sales veterans, and watch as they get picked apart. It’s not only ugly, but a waste of your training budget. Not smart.

ASK Implementers are:

  • Veteran sales professionals
  • Highly skilled educators
  • Knowledgeable about your industry
  • Guaranteed to get buy-in from your entire team

You have ASK

Life is too short for consultants.


ASK Implementers are a completely different species.

You’ll find wisdom, passion, experience, determination, and most of all, a mastery of the ASK approach needed to transform your organization.

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Tired of throwing money at sales training that doesn’t impact your business?

Making the right choice means you’ll never do that again.

And we mean NEVER.

ASK the right questions before spending one more dollar.

We’re justASKing, and so should you.


  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee that ALL participants will believe that your processes and methodologies are the way they should sell?(we do)
  • Have you clearly defined all information your salespeople need to help your customers make the best decision possible? (we have)
  • Is your process and information built in to a CRM? (ours is)
  • What tools do you provide for my sales people to practice when not in front of customers? E-learning? Sales simulations? On-going coaching? (we provide all of them)
  • Do you provide a logical, repeatable process by which your sales leadership manages and coaches? (Of course we do. What did you expect?)


But if those questions made your prospective sales trainer break out in a cold sweat, hives, or develop heart palpitations, you’re ready for ASK.

And we’re ready for you.



You can go ahead & pop that cork now!