Our process has been designed by business sales experts and neuroscientists

to naturally evolve in concert with current and future business states. By focusing on the psychology behind the ever-changing conditions under which businesses make decisions, we are proactive in providing impact vs reactive to the new norm.


ASK Process

It requires nothing less than total transformation.

YOU provide the dedicated people.

ASK us to handle the rest.

Phase 1-Interviews

Your company, products, services, industry, and set of competitors are unique, as are your people. If your sales process implementer isn’t aware of these nuances, there’s little chance your staff will buy in to what’s being taught. If you’re in to wasting money, that’s OK. We suspect you’re not.Your ASK Implementer conducts interviews with front-line salespeople, managers and C-level executives to fully understand your industry, business state and gaps, products, services,  and competitors. By the time your initial sessions are conducted, we look like we are part of your team. Because of our extensive research, everything in our materials and its delivery are relatable. It’s one of the many reasons we guarantee 100% buy-in. We look like you because we are one of you.

Phase II-Initial Sessions

If your sales people don’t take ownership of the methodology being trained, you have two chances for success and return on your training investment: fat and slim.

A Certified ASK Implementer deliver a program we guarantee every person in your organization, from sales newbie to grizzled veteran, will agree is the right way to sell. They will all be committed. They will all agree.

This initial 2-day session, conducted in-person if conditions permit or in web-based sessions if desired,  includes an over-view and guaranteed buy-in for the Sciences of Qualifying, Presenting, Handling Objections/Negotiating, and Developing Opportunities/Prospecting. Everything your staff needs to better qualify, sell more higher margins and best serve your customers.

Phase III-Management Training

Just like with selling, it is highly unlikely your organization has a logical repeatable process by which you manage sales. Management and coaching are the pivot points for success when implementing a selling process. If your managers aren’t equipped to reinforce and support the process, you’re back to throwing money away. 

ASK’s Science of Sales Management  provides the process and structure by which your managers can capitalize on the belief and buy-in of your reps in the initial sessions. Managers will be able to hold reps accountable for their commitment to the process and themselves. No more management by style. No more management by compliance. ASK provides a methodology for management with substance, truth, clarity, and long lasting impact.

Phase IV- e-learning and sales simulations

After training, ongoing practice and reinforcement couldn’t be more critical. The problem is, some people believe the time to try something new is when they’re with a customer. That’s a bad idea. If you don’t have the knowledge and skills to execute, we don’t suggest taking a chance in front of an evaluator. The truth is, most won’t. The result? Most sellers don’t practice at all. And you’re back to wasted money on ineffective sales training. Again, a bad idea.

ASK has re-created our classroom environment in micro segments of online learning. They are as close as you’ll get to a live environment, including exactly what you were taught in your initial sessions, as well as testing for knowledge and comprehension.

The icing on the cake: We have created ASK VALE, Virtual Active Learning Experience sales simulations that are as close to practicing in front of a real customer as you can get. Use a mobile device, a VR headset, or laptop/desktop to put yourself and your reps in the action, but absolutely risk-free. They can try their new skills without the risk of losing a deal. Finally, gamification becomes an essential and integral part of methodology reinforcement. Trust us, you and your sales reps will, for the first time, WANT to practice.

Phase V- Ongoing Coach the Coach

Some sales training companies train you, then leave you hanging. You’re on your own. Well, good luck with that. The chances of you experiencing meaningful, measurable impact are back to fat and slim.

Your ASK implementer will schedule monthly calls to make certain you stay on track, your sales are increasing and the knowledge and skills of your staff are incrementally improving. These calls can include one-on-ones with you and your sales people, refreshers on any segment of the program, or participation in sales meetings. You’re implementer will do anything it takes to make certain you’re maximizing the impact of our program.

Phase VI- Watch your sales results steadily improve

Well, you have to continue to participate, but watching sales grow is the fun by-product.  It beats watching grass grow. We compared it. We know. It’s a lot faster and a lot more rewarding. 


we know that without behavioral change, expecting dramatically improved sales performance, while continuing to sell the way you always have,


is the definition

of insanity.


Does Your Sales Organization Need A Hero?

  • Have you clearly defined a formal process by which everyone in your organization sells?
  • Is your team’s forecast REAL or just data entry to keep management off their back?
  • Does your organization have a logical, repeatable sales process that ALL of your sales people BELIEVE is the only way they should be selling?
  • Are ALL of your reps empowered to be top performers, or are you held back by the 80/20 rule?
  • Does all of the information required to help your customers make the best decision possible reside in your CRM tool?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, congrats. Pop a bottle, enjoy a nap, netflix & chill, or run a victory lap around your neighborhood. You’re good to go. 

But if those questions made you break out in a cold sweat, hives, or is causing heart palpitations, you’re ready for ASK.

And we’re ready for you.