Our Mission

ASK is passionate about impacting lives by bringing integrity, honor, and real value to the sales process, recapturing a mindset in which sales people are trusted advisors to their customers. 

If you are like most, between years 3 and 5, your physical, mental and emotional bandwidth have been stretched to a breaking point. The early growth rate you experienced in the first couple of years? No longer possible…

You do it all, then hit a wall.

Who We Help

Whether you’re an entrepreneur struggling to find good salespeople, a small business desperately needing to stop the revolving door that your onboarding, sales training & CRM investment dollars are flying out of, or an enterprise group held back by the 80/20 rule,

ASK meets you where you are,

and helps you RISE UP. 

Who We Are

Since 1990, Axiom Sales Kinetics has been recognized as a trusted adviser in the training/sales enablement industry, conducting programs for over 35,000 salespeople, sales managers, and executive managers in over 40 countries. Our clients list includes Global 50 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of small to medium size businesses.

ASK clients build mutually beneficial customer relationships and win more sales while continuing to hone their craft through ASK Academy immersion and continued reinforcement and support from ASK Implementers.

What We Do

We created ASK Academy to solve every single one of your sales organizations’ problems. Period.

Our customers ASKed, and we answered.

ASK Academy’s turn-key platform and holistic Learn.Practice.Apply approach bridges gaps in today’s traditional sales training & CRM. We built the only solution that kinects sales training, sales coaching, and Client Collaborative CRM, with Virtual Active Learning Experience sales simulations & gamified role-plays, all in one easy to use online platform.

Our focus is creating behavioral change by dismantling old learned behaviors that were not designed to best serve your customers OR your salespeople. ASK will teach your salespeople how to become trusted advisors to their clients, provide value and impact, win more sales, all while delivering a level of service that will surprise and impress your customers.

With real-time support from ASK Implementers, or virtual, just-in-time micro-learning assets infused into our CRM, the behavioral change needed to transform your sales organization will become a habit, rather than a task your salespeople feel forced to complete. ASK clients boast the highest adoption rates in the industry, leading to more measurable impact & ROI for your business and your customers’ business.


How ASK is Different

We believe that sales is a service-driven profession that should give customers the information they need to make the best possible buying decisions.

ASK is committed to bringing real value to the sales process, enabling companies and sellers to become trusted advisors to their customers.

We live by our core values. Obsessive by nature, we are uncompromising, detail-oriented and committed to reintroducing a sense of pride and craftsmanship to the sales profession.

Effective & highly adopted sales training isn’t an event—it’s a process.

No more “flavor of the month”

Traditional training models fail to provide real world learning required to compete in today’s marketplace. 

ASK methodology is built for natural evolution and, as a result, will never become obsolete. It can’t. It’s DNA won’t allow it.

Our process has been designed by neuroscientists and business sales experts to naturally evolve in concert with current and future business states. It changes at the speed of business because it is driven not by technique, but by the ever-changing conditions under which buyers make decisions.

How We Got Here  OUR WHY.

Axiom Sales Kinetics talks the talk because our founder walked the walk.

The evolution of ASK is an interesting story. Originally founded as Burton Training Group in 1990, ASK is here today because of a growing frustration Bob Nicols (then pavement pounding sales executive) found among sales executives seeking programs to develop high performance teams.

Last, there were no guarantees.

Regardless of the level of participant buy-in or anticipated impact.

training organizations continued to charge and collect their fee.

As a Result

ASK was founded on these principles:

  • Developed specifically for B2B sales
  • All ASK Implementers are successful, experienced B2B sales leaders
  • ASK Academy is a holistic sales process that provides a full suite of sales management and impact tracking tools
  • All instructor led programs are guaranteed. If participants do not agree that the implementing and mastery of any ASK program would significantly increase their sales proficiency, course fees will be refunded in full.