Hidden Relationships Don’t Have to Derail Your Sales Opportunities

While virtually all salespeople want to understand the competitive landscape within each opportunity they pursue, few actually ask the right questions to uncover the right information to facilitate a candid, productive conversation with their buyers. In this video we share four questions every sales person should ask every buyer they meet. When they do, they will better understand the alternatives the buyer is considering, any favored alternative they may have, and possibly even uncover hidden relationships that will affect the buyer’s decision.

No matter what they learn, this information will allow buyer and seller to have a more candid conversation about the buyer’s true decision criteria. Win more, waste less time, experience less frustration.

This video will help people better understand:

  • Why salespeople don’t uncover alternatives and favored alternatives.
  • How the absence of this information can derail sales opportunities.
  • Four questions to uncover alternatives, favored alternatives, and begin developing differentiating criteria.


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