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You’ll learn the science behind behavioral change, as well as how to motivate yourself and/or those you manage to continue the journey to selling excellence.

ASK Academy



Axiom Selling Sciences Program delivers a clearly defined, all encompassing, logical, repeatable business process for selling. It’s turn-key, plug and play. It’s complete. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process, clearly outlining exactly what a seller must do to be successful, but more importantly, best serve your customers. It’s been taught in nearly 50 countries, increasing the efficiency, productivity, and sales of tens of thousands of sales people for over 30 years.

Trial Includes:

Intro into Axiom

Qualifying Information Objectives

Review Your Sales Opportunities

Seat in ASK CRM



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Complete processes for account planning, identifying new opportunities, qualifying, presenting, and negotiating/handling objections

All tools built for a virtual selling environment

Sales simulations with gamification


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Course Includes:

Clearly defines ALL information objectives for the entire process of selling.

Your salespeople will know precisely what information to collect every time they meet with a prospect.



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Clearly defining presentation objectives and agendas

Establishing the framework for effective presentations

Linking your solutions to specific impact on your prospect’s business



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Uncovering “hidden” objections

Understanding the difference between objections and conditions

Negotiating from a position of strength

Identifying prospects who are simply trying to negotiate a better deal


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Course Includes:

How to develop clearly defined Sales Success plans

How to build typical and ideal customer profiles

How to effectively engage decision makers and schedule appointments



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