ASK Academy 

Not just any sales process.  
Not just any coach. 
Not just any CRM. 
Not just any role plays.  
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ASK Academy & CRM turnkey program includes:

ask selling sciences curriculum


ASK Opportunity Management Application is designed as a sales tool FIRST, NOT a management tool.

  • Provides all necessary information to help you & your customer make the best decision possible
  • Fully integrated with E-Learning ensuring your team has the skills required to produce superior sales results.
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Your salespeople demand credibility from their instructors.

Put someone with no knowledge of your industry and little or no sales experience in front of a group of sales veterans, and watch as they get picked apart. It’s not only ugly, but a waste of your training budget.

Not smart.

about our implementers


How We Got Here  OUR WHY


Axiom Sales Kinetics talks the talk because our founder walked the walk.

Originally founded as Burton Training Group in 1990, ASK is here today because of a growing frustration Bob Nicols found among sales executives seeking programs to develop high performance teams.

Most sales organizations’ problems are due to the




Most instructors for these organizations were not successful sales people, but educators. Having no practical experience selling anything, let alone technology products and services, these instructors had little credibility with students. As a result, the impact of these classes was minimized.




Most programs taught a series of disjointed selling techniques that did not represent true business process. Without a clearly defined process, these programs were not only difficult to manage, but results impossible to track.

Last, there were no guarantees.

Regardless of the level of participant buy-in or anticipated impact, training organizations continued to charge and collect their fee.

ASK is here to change the game.