An ASK Life is an Abundant Life

Whether you are a seasoned sales coach, or an experienced sales professional looking to expand your career, ASK will be your partner along your journey to sales transformation.

ASK Implementers Resources:

  • dedicated ASK Ambassador
  • ASK Academy
  • ASK Opportunity Management Application
  • ASK Ambassador Alliance (AAA) collaboration group
  • ASK Implementer Alliance (AIA) collaboration group



Your clients are focused on PIERS:

  • Productivity
  • Image
  • Expenses
  • Revenue
  • Stability

ASK provides PIERSupport for you.

You provide PIERSupport for your customer.

No, that’s not a typo. 

PIERSupport I

*unique URL and product set that allows you to sell the ASK platform, as well as your own services

*simplified billing and invoicing and allows you to focus on making an impact on the customer.

PIERSupport II

*unique URL to send customers to the site to sign up and purchase products.  

*ability to provide special pricing to your customers utilizing discount codes on their checkout page. 

*ASK tracks your sales and processes payment to you. 

*ability to setup a customer yourself as in the Non-Supported role.


In this option you control your clients directly through your business. Your customers DO NOT signup or create their accounts with ASK. You simply buy the product directly on our site using your unique URL for purchase credit at the wholesale price. Your customer works directly with you and only comes to the ASK site for access to the platform.


If you want to change results, you must change behaviors. 

I was a student of the AXIOM Sales Kinetics methodology over 20 years ago. Not only did it help me become a consistently successful salesperson, it put my professional career on the most rewarding trajectory I could have imagined.

AXIOM Sales Kinetics has been the foundation of my coaching for over a decade and has allowed me to positively  impact the careers of countless salespeople and leaders from myriad industries across the globe. 

The methodology itself is beautifully logical and believes that the quantity and quality of information you have directly relates to the understanding of an opportunity and probability of win.

AXIOM Sales Kinetics understands that you can take a client engagement, break that process down to its piece parts and have better understanding of the outcome.

“The immeasurable impact this “clarity of communication” has had on my clients and their businesses, as well as the impact it’s had on my career, has made me a passionate advocate of the ASK Selling Sciences Program. I know it is the only way to sell.”

James Furness, ASK Ambassador


Certified ASK Implementers & Ambassadors must adhere to ASK Guidelines & Policies made available to you during certification.