Buying Behavior Reveals Holes in Legacy Sales Methods

buying behavior

Oftentimes, buying behavior results in prospects delaying direct engagement with sellers until later in their buying

Firstly, are you or your sales teams finding that when buyers do engage, their primary focus is on price and availability?

Secondly, are sellers rushing to propose solutions and contracts without really knowing how the buyer will determine which solution is best?

Buying behaviors are rapidly evolving and this evolution may magnify holes in your existing sales methods. As simplified access to information is coupled with the social influence of online collaboration, stress is mounting and funnel volume is falling for many reps. New buying behaviors are forcing the refinement of key selling skills in order for salespeople to compete more effectively.

What are these new buying behaviors and key selling skills?

Most buyers:

    • Want shorter more productive conversations.
    • Have a greater concern with understanding business outcomes, not just features, and functions.
    • Form preconceived notions sooner, filtering out unqualified suppliers.
    • Solicit information and opinions from others and rely less on the sales presentation for information about prospective solutions.

These changes in buying behavior dictate transformation in sales behavior.

In order to better facilitate the buying experience, improve buying decisions, and help the buyer succeed, sellers must:

    • Efficiently lead conversations that explore the buyer’s needs.

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