Client Impact Selling: A New Paradigm for Success

client impact selling

Disruptive Technology

We all know the media world has been rocked by disruptive technology. Less than 20 years ago, the prevailing media mix for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) included newspapers, yellow pages, direct mail, and if their budgets were substantial, perhaps radio and television. SMB Owners were visited by 2-3 advertising reps throughout the year. These reps constantly placed ads. Consequentially, companies’ phones would ring off the hood. Customers would come flooding through their doors. To borrow lyrics from a Carly Simon song, “It was so Easy Then.” But what did this do for client impact?

And then came the rise of the internet. With it, a blistering pace of local media fragmentation is accelerating. This includes the social media explosion, smartphone penetration, and the world of “i-everything”. SMB’s can no longer count on simple programs that virtually take care of themselves.

Today there are hundreds of media choices.

According to research by Borrell Associates, SMB owners are approached by 20-25 media sales reps monthly. Many of these choices require continual monitoring, measuring, and optimizing to achieve maximum value.

To help navigate this complex media landscape, SMB owners look for knowledgeable and trustworthy media advisors. These advisors construct and manage marketing programs that impact businesses. This is not the media sales rep of yesteryear. After all, how is it possible for local landscapers to stay abreast of Google algorithms? How many barbers know the keywords their competitors are buying? Do farmers understand what content to publish to keep their Facebook dynamic? Are doctors both tweeting and concentrating on the quality of their services?

To achieve trusted advisor status, media reps must improve client impact by engaging in different conversations than those of the past.

No longer can sellers recite the features and benefits of their solutions. Modern conversations must be focused on the client’s vision, goals, plans, processes, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Sellers must also understand how client impact is a measure of success. What are their criteria for choosing one media option over another? Only when they have this strategic client information will they be able to demonstrate the impact their media solutions possess. Finally, they must differentiate themselves from all other media providers.

The benefits to achieving trusted media advisor status are measurable. Benefits positively impact client churn, AVO’s, and sales rep turnover.

The world of local media is far too complex to rely on old selling styles. Media companies that transition their selling style from features and benefits to client impact selling will be in the best position to take advantage of the exciting opportunities occurring each day. The applies to the media world for both their clients and themselves.

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