Learn the science behind behavioral change and how to motivate yourself and those you manage to continue the journey to sales transformation. 

Science of Developing Opportunities & Prospecting

‘Cold Calling’ has been a waste of time for years, yet we’ve seen an increase in that activity as more and more people compete for the limited budgets and mindshare of their potential customers.

You and your team can stop “cold-calling” decision-makers, NOW. 

ASK has developed a  logical, repeatable a business process that shows you how to turn ‘cold call’ into ‘Hot Leads’. 

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Science of Qualifying

Stop Wasting Time on UNQUALIFIED Opportunities

If you or your sales people are closing 25% or less of the proposals you submit, you can be certain you are working UNQUALIFIED opportunities. It’s one of the primary reasons sales people fail.

What is the key to qualifying? It’s INFORMATION. The more of it a salesperson gathers, and the higher its quality, the greater the opportunity to earn a prospect’s business. This is a bold statement, but we GUARANTEE your reps aren’t collecting the information they need to fully qualify.  

ASK’s Science of Qualifying removes any obstacle that stands between a sales person and the information they need to qualify opportunities.

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Science of Presenting

If you’re closing less than a third of the proposals you submit, how compelling do you believe your presentations are? Do your sales presentations truly motivate buyers to choose your company and your solutions?

If you look closely at your company’s next sales presentation you may find it is a DATA DUMP with little emphasis on a buyer’s business with too much energy spent explaining why the sales person believes they can meet the prospect’s “needs.”

ASK’s advanced module on sales presentations changes that.

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Science of Handling Objections

Are your sales people giving away your profit margins unnecessarily? Probably.  Why? Because many sales people believe that cutting their price is necessary in order to win. While this may be true in some cases, it is rarely required with the frequency and to the degree with which it is done.

The ASK workshop module on Negotiating and Handling Objections changes this by empowering your sellers with a process that will allow them to effectively handle ANY objection they face. 

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Science of Sales Management

This workshop is built on the fundamental logic that has made AXIOM’s Selling Sciences Program the benchmark sales training for hundreds of companies.

This logic, applied to the job of sales management, will provide your people with the skills and tools needed to overcome the three greatest OBSTACLES to their success:

  • the absence of a logical, repeatable process for selling
  • the lack of a process for managing & supporting sales efforts
  • the absence of the proper tools to do their jobs effectively. 

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With online learning, your learners can access content anywhere and anytime. They don’t need to take time out from their jobs to attend classes. E-learning is also cost-effective; companies save a substantial amount on the travel and accommodation costs of both learners and instructors, as well as the venue and materials. No printing helps reduce your carbon footprint, too.



Modern learners prefer bite-sized, interactive content. They would rather watch a video or listen to a podcast than read through pages of a manual. E-learning tools enable learning designers to make content interactive. The more engaging the content is, the better the learners remember information. If they enjoy learning, they can able to recall and apply the concepts at work.



Online learning is scalable. You can roll it out to as many employees you need and is a one-time investment. The more learners take the course, the faster you can write off the business expense & see ROI



Almost all training can be delivered digitally, but sometimes there is still a need for live facilitation and expert support. No problem! One of the benefits of online training for employees is that they can learn in their own time, at their own pace, while still having access to subject matter experts.

Question and answer features, chat forums and webinars are just a few of the ways that employees can get access to the live, personable guidance that they need. Plus, features that allow the recording of webinars and live tutorials ensure that no one misses out!




Knowing how effective training has been, is the question that every organization should be asking. Because an investment is only well made if it helped to achieve business goals.

When training takes place online, it’s quick and easy to pull the data you need to measure its effectiveness. Information like course completion rates, forum engagement, assessment grades, and the time it takes to complete a course can all be gathered in the form of reports, directly from the Learning Management System (LMS).



Online learners don’t have to stress about not passing a test or failing in front of their peers. The eLearning environment takes the risk out of learning, because learners no longer have to worry about the fear of failure in public. When you remove this fear, the potential to acquire new knowledge and skills becomes virtually limitless. People are more willing to test their boundaries and to think of new ideas, or to learn through their mistakes, because they simply aren’t afraid of being judged. Mistakes can be a powerful learning tool, because they offer learners the chance to gain experience that they would have not gathered otherwise. eLearning offers busy adults the opportunity to explore a topic at length and expand their educational horizons freely, without any real world risks and consequences.




When online training incorporates interactive elements like quizzes and branching scenarios, employees have access to immediate feedback. Yet another one of the benefits of eLearning in the workplace!

Immediate results from online assessments help employees to gauge how well they are doing, and what sections of learning material they might need to revise before they move on. In addition, gamification features that incorporate leaderboards, badges and certificates provide employees with a sense of recognition and achievement that motivates them to learn.

Timely and automated feedback and recognition is valuable not just for employees, but for their managers and the business, too. This is because it reduces the need for manual feedback and grading.




Some new skills just need more than simple notes and videos. Sometimes, learning requires active participation from employees. Think pilots, machine operators, and senior decision-makers. Once again, eLearning has the solution.

A powerful LMS that offers features that support gamification, branching scenarios and simulations can provide the ultimate level of interactivity and practice, without the risk.

Interactive eLearning courses allow employees to practice new skills in a safe place, so when it comes to real-life implementation, they’re set up for success.


With real-time support from ASK Implementers, or virtual, just-in-time micro-learning assets infused into our Opportunity Management Application, the behavioral change needed to transform your sales organization will become a habit, rather than a task your salespeople feel forced to complete.

ASK clients boast the highest adoption rates in the industry, 

leading to more measurable impact & ROI for your business AND your customers’ businesses.

Win Win Never Felt So Good. 


E-Learning by ASK allows managers & sellers to identify where learning is needed, deliver it at the point of need and provide on-the-job learning reinforcement. 

The result is an innovative and relevant approach to sales force development that dramatically increases the ROI of your sales training investments.

We’ve got your back. 

We’ve linked each segment of information in ASK Opportunity Management Application to your learning library, including VALE 3D Gamified Sales Simulations, so re-enforcement during is never more than a click away.

Your ASK Implementer will ensure that the necessary behavioral changes you’ve internalized become a HABIT.