Former CEO Returns to Lead the New Axiom Sales Kinetics Through Dramatic Growth & Expansion

Bob Nicols - AXIOM

After an asset only purchase of Dallas-based Axiom Sales Force Development, Bob Nicols, founder & former CEO of Axiom Salesforce Development & founder & CEO of Axiom Sales Kinetics, returns to take company to new heights by shifting focus to a robust online learning platform,(ASK Academy) with integrated Opportunity Management Application, and Virtual Active Learning Experience sales simulations. (VALE launch Spring ’21)

“Whether you are a C level executive, sales manager, engineer or customer service representative, ASK provides a 100% money back guarantee that every person in your organization will agree that Axiom Selling Sciences methodology is what they should be using to sell or manage sales teams.” 

Bob Nicols, CEO

About Axiom Sales Kinetics:

Since 1990, Axiom Sales Kinetics has been a globally acclaimed trailblazer in the sales training/sales enablement industry, conducting programs for over 35,000 salespeople, sales managers, and executive managers of many Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Disney, & Verizon. Axiom has conducted workshops and implemented programs in over 40 countries, challenging the status quo with a radically simple, yet exceptionally powerful sales methodology developed from the buyer’s perspective. Complimented by integrated E-learning and a groundbreaking Opportunity Management Application tool, the turn-key Axiom program comes full circle with an immersive, futuristic virtual sales simulation, VALE, available spring 2021.

This turn-key solution, combined with ASK Academy’s Opportunity Management Application & virtual sales simulation role-plays, enables sellers to become trusted advisors to their customers.

ASK’s holistic approach to the sales process ensures the industry’s highest adoption rates, which means more measurable impact & ROI for your business.

Axiom Sales Kinetics is an industry leader in customer satisfaction, touting an unconventional 100% money-back guarantee if participants disagree that the ASK methodology is the process they should use to sell.

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