History of Sales: Methodology of the Eighties

History of Sales

History of Sales: The Good-Old ’80s

The history of sales has been a long and winding road. I am a sales professional from the eighties. That’s when I entered the sales force. Furthermore, it’s when I began my long and rewarding career in media sales. I attended 6 weeks of sales training before being released to the field. Firstly, we learned the features and benefits of our product. Secondly, we learned how to submit an order accurately. However, the majority of our time was spent practicing needs-based selling. This was in context to the product we were selling, yellow pages.

history of sales

We were taught to discover our client’s needs. Moreover, we had to craft solutions that met those needs. And lastly, we prepared presentations so the client could understand our value proposition. Local media, radio, television, and newspapers were taught to do the same. It worked great! Our clients’ businesses grew. I was making a terrific living. What’s more, our company was succeeding.

Well, now it’s the 2020s. The needs satisfaction selling methodology of the eighties no longer produces the results it once did, for any industry. Why? Because as we have all experienced in our professional and personal lives the world has changed dramatically and forever.

Competition – Then and Now

Competition has notably increased. Both the numbers of local media providers and media choices have increased tenfold, and the trend is predicted to continue.

Additionally, many of the providers are selling similar, if not the same digital media products. And this proliferation of providers, choices, and commoditization is not unique to the media industry.

So when most providers can meet the needs of the client, how does a client know which is BEST at helping them accomplish their goals? This is the help clients are looking for. This is the catalyst for installing a new sales methodology that keeps pace with how clients want to buy. If sales professionals cannot provide this help, the client’s decision quickly defaults to price since no clear differentiation among the solutions is evident.

In order to maximize today’s buying environment, the needs-based selling methodology must evolve from simply meeting their needs, to helping clients establish decision criteria to determine which SOLUTION is BEST in terms of product, support, and the company that will provide it. This will help them differentiate amongst what appears to be like options. It must evolve from needs-based selling to differentiated decision advising or consulting.

The History of Sales: Establishing Criteria

We owe it to our clients to help them establish these criteria if we expect to build a trusting relationship with them. When we make the commitment to transition from needs-based selling to differentiated decision advising we truly earn the title of advisor or consultant that so many sales organizations have merely bestowed upon themselves.

Sales organizations that have evolved to differentiated decision advising enjoy increased revenue, margins, customer satisfaction, and loyalty, and decreased sales turnover.

Don’t you owe it to your clients, sales force, and shareholders to bring your sales methodology into the modern age? Want to learn more about how to change your sales conversations from needs-based selling to truly differentiated decision consulting? Drop us a note and we will provide you with a free overview of the key questions used to help your clients develop meaningful decision criteria.

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