How to Increase Sales in Competitive Markets

how to increase sales

Bob Sanders is the former CEO of AXIOM Sales Force Development [now AXIOM Sales Kinetics]. He developed an easy method to increase sales in competitive markets. Sales managers must invest in their own people. This is vitally important. Bob has spoken on these methods at countless conferences. Furthermore, Bob Sanders explained that local marketing companies must invest in new products and innovation. Additionally, they must develop and teach their sales force to adapt to the evolving landscape.

Markets change. Moreover, selling environments become more challenging. Selling environments are affected.

When thinking about how to increase sales, consider the following:

  • An influx of new competitors is disruptive.
  • Technology rapidly changes market conditions.
  • New solutions enter the marketplace.

Point in fact, these changes cause buyer confusion. When buyers are confused, sales cycles get extended. Furthermore, margins erode. Unfortunately, this is detrimental to the sales process. Watch the video below. In it, Bob discusses what we have learned from previous market challenges. Additionally, he addresses how we can take that knowledge to overcome today’s issues.

how to increase sales

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