HubSpot is the industry leader when it comes to traditional CRM platforms.

However, having two separate systems to manage sales, sales process, provide support and marketing information is NOT an efficient way to operate.


So ASK took a proactive approach…

and built our own Kinector that syncs data automatically between HubSpot and ASK CRM.

…and you didn’t even have to ASK !

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ASK’s Opportunity Management Application

is where sellers focus on their customer’s business issues and objectives, rather than inputting data required by management in a typical CRM.

It was designed for the sole purpose of gathering all the necessary information for your customers to make the best buying decision possible.

The Only Tool You Need

While ASK CRM is the only tool SELLERS need to provide maximum measurable impact to the businesses they serve, we all know that management requirements for CRM data entry will always be a part of most sales organizations.

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HubSpot Kinector by ASK

allows data syncing between the two systems automatically, and allows sellers to stay focused on the information that matters to their CUSTOMERS, which lives in ASK CRM.