Guidelines for the proper use of Axiom Sales Kinetics intellectual property by ASK Implementers & Ambassadors:

All ASK Implementers & Ambassadors must follow these guidelines when using ASK intellectual property and brand assets in your business.

Non-ASK Implementers & Ambassadors, spin-off businesses, software application developers, third-party partners, and others may not use any of our intellectual property without the express permission of ASK .

ASK Implementers & Ambassadors can discuss our intellectual property when teaching ASK to their customers, but cannot use our intellectual property outside of such discussions.

Helping Entrepreneurs through ASK

If you want to help entrepreneurs by using ASK IP or methodology content, you may do so in 2 ways:

As an ASK Implementer

    1. Implementation of ASK Academy, meaning:
      1. Guiding an entrepreneur or team through the ASK Academy from start to finish (x modules & tests
      2. Teaching all of the tools in the ASK Academy, without:
        1. adding in content of your own or from some other system and calling it ASK;
        2. removing or re-ordering any steps in the process
        3. adding in steps that are not part of the ASK Process as defined in the ASK Academy modules and guides, or the book The Journey to Sales Transformation written by Bob Nicols

                                   4.    Honor our IP/Branding Guidelines, (insert link to branding guidelines)

As a consultant or coach integrating ASK concepts, acronyms or tools into your other materials:

    1. Must give credit where credit is due
    2. Use only ideas and concepts presented on ASK’s website and found in the ASK Academy, without using ASK trademarks or copyrights and following point 2e below.
    3. Honor our IP/Branding Guidelines
    4. You cannot alter ASK tools, modules, or IP in any way.
    5. Use only a handful (1-3) of the ASK tools, concepts or acronyms. If you begin teaching more of the ASK methodology, revert to Option 1.

Only active ASK Academy members may refer to themselves as ASK Implementers & Ambassadors and/or implement ASK for a fee.

We may update these IP and Branding Guidelines from time to time without notice to you. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Certified ASK Implementers & Ambassadors must adhere to ASK Guidelines & Policies made available to you during certification.