On-Demand Webinar: The Truth about Sales Transformation: Developing Your Sales Force

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Organizations today have had to rethink the way they sell their products and services, thanks to economic uncertainty, the proliferation of technology, increased competition, lower margins and more informed buyers. Sales transformation has become the latest catch phrase for virtually every executive racing to find answers about sales and earnings growth, positioning, differentiation, and even survival. Unfortunately, many, if not most, organizations are stuck at the starting gate trying to figure out what sales transformation really means.

Join us for this Training Industry, Inc. webinar, sponsored by Axiom Sales Force Development, as we help you uncover the answers that lead to true transformation. We’ll show you how transformation only happens when you change the behaviors of individuals and we’ll help you target solutions that result in true – and lasting – behavioral change of your sales organization.

In this informative and interactive webinar, you will learn:

• Common enablers to executing sales transformation
• How to connect people with systems and processes
• The importance of behavioral change in transformation
• Motivating teams for sustained behavioral change


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