are the kinetic energy behind everything we do at ASK.

From the people we hire, to how we treat our customers,


these principles are woven into our DNA:

  • all problems are solvable. The RIGHT questions are the answer.  Just ASK
  • we think from the buyer’s perspective.  We provide a frame-work that helps customer’s make the best decision possible. We love making our customers look good!

  • we think from the end. Our process proves that this is the key to creating a new reality for our customers. Just ASK around. (Hyperlink to testimonials) 

  • proactive. Not reactive. We don’t adapt to the new norm. We create a new reality.

  • our return is based on IMPACT/VALUE. Not dollars. Our success is measured by how much impact and value we bring to our clients’ lives & businesses.

  • positively impact the lives of others. Customers, colleagues, friends & strangers…we lead with this in mind & it shows

  • we do what we say we will.  Often, more, never less. Well schooled on the Golden Rule. 

  • help first. Foregoing our personal interests to elevate others, providing value at every opportunity

  • do the right thing. always. Without fail. Your trust and our integrity are part of our infinite loop.

we. have. fun.

We take what we do seriously. 
Ourselves? Not so much.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.