Sales Job Training: An Endangered Species?

sales job training

The Same Old Stuff

In this economy, businesses do everything in their power to maximize revenue while reducing expenses. This includes reducing time out of the field for sales job training events. Training mediums/modalities continually evolve to support the need for virtual self-directed learning. Sales job training organizations often repackage the “same old stuff” to fit this new mold of training. According to a recent ASTD study, more than $15.5 billion is spent annually on sales training. Great news for Sales Training organizations, right??? Not so much. The study characterized this expenditure as, “a large investment to attain more mediocre results”. Ouch!

Sales Transformation is a call to action for Sales Professionals. Moreover, it is a call to action for Sales Training Organizations. It’s important to thrive in this marketplace and win more business. Sales Professionals must prove their value and differentiate themselves in the eyes of their customers. Sales Training Organizations need to follow this same call to action. We must prove our value. Furthermore, we must differentiate the programs we deliver. Doing so ensures that we thrive. AXIOM Sales Kinetics wants to ensure your Sales Training Organization isn’t contributing to the mediocre results characterized in the study.

Here are 5 questions to consider as you scope a sales job training request:

  1. Firstly, what is the desired outcome of the initiative? Is the customer trying to achieve a business impact?
  2. Secondly, are changes required to deliver this business result? What does the desired behavior look like? And what skills and knowledge are needed in order to affect this change?
  3. Thirdly, can training help drive the desired outcome? In some cases, the issue requires management intervention or systems change. No amount of training will deliver the desired business impact.
  4. Fourthly, what has been done in the past? Has anything worked? Lessons Learned?
  5. Furthermore, does executive sponsorship exist for the project? Is leadership on board with the initiative? Financial support may not be the only commitment required. Are they prepared to inspect the behavior they seek to drive?
  6. Lastly, what reinforcement will support the training event?

Address these questions before taking any action. Additionally, ensure success is clearly defined. This ultimate program delivers the intended business result.

AXIOM Sales Kinetics Believes That:

  • All problems are solvable. The RIGHT questions are the answer. Just ASK.
  • We think from the buyer’s perspective.  Moreover, we provide a framework that helps customers make the best decision possible. We love making our customers look good!

  • AXIOM [Sales Kinetics] always thinks from the end. Our process proves that this is the key to creating a new reality for our customers. Just ASK around.

  • Be proactive. Not reactive. We don’t adapt to the new norm. AXIOM Sales Kinetics creates a new reality.

  • Our return is based on IMPACT and VALUE, not dollars. Furthermore, our success is measured by how much value we bring to our clients’ businesses.

  • Positively impact the lives of others. We lead with this in mind, and it shows.

  • At AXIOM Sales Kinetics, we do what we say we will.  Furthermore, we’re well-schooled on the Golden Rule. 

  • Help first. We forget our personal interests to elevate others. This provides value at every opportunity.

  • Do the right thing! Point in fact, our trust and integrity are part of our infinite loop.

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