Sales Process Optimization: The Battle to Save Your Kingdom

Is Your Sales Process Optimized to Catch all the Details?

Sales Process Optimization For want of a nail the horseshoe was lost. For want of a horseshoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

Too often in professional selling we are so rushed to ‘get the deal closed” that we fail to pay adequate attention to the critical details that will make the difference between success and failure. It happens everyday across our respective enterprises and has plagued us for millennia. The reality is that our sales process is usually at fault.

What details do we miss when we try to take shortcuts with our prospects and customers? How will those missed details negatively impact us and our company or even our customer three or four months from now? Do we really know just how critical our successful completion of a simple task is to other people in our company or to our prospects and customers? Are our Sales Processes Optimized to ensure that critical tasks and customer insight don’t fall through the cracks?

Think about it for a moment and truly reflect on all the miscommunications, wasted effort, and lost revenue that resulted from those missteps. Did you really lose on price or was it something else? What if you and everyone that worked with you spoke the same ‘selling language”, one that got you all in synch with each other and with your customer? What if everyone on your team fully understood precisely what information was required in order to understand your customers and bring them meaningful impact? I’m not talking about sales tips and closing techniques; I mean a truly better way of having your company engage with your customers and prospects, a sales process that synchronizes your pursuit. Sales Process Optimization is the tuning and tailoring of both systems and dialog to produce customer interactions that are both efficient and effective.

In my post you’ll often see me write about the customer experience and sales as an enterprise process. What everyone who touches the customer must understand is that the manner in which every member of our respective teams engages with your customers and prospects is critical to the effective execution of our business strategy. We must collaborate; we must function as a single unit with a common mission and process in order to succeed. To do this effectively we must have a common language, a sales process and methodology that unifies our primary, support and extended teams.

We live and work in a hyper-competitive environment. The battles we fight are often won or lost based on what one man interprets as insignificant but another man sees as powerful ammunition.

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