Sales Training Programs: Learning From Students

sales training programs

At the end of every AXIOM Sales Kinetics sales training programs, we ask, “What was the most significant thing you learned?” These are just a few of the recent responses:

  • “Closing cannot be the objective of a meeting.”
  • “Handle objections during negotiation.”
  • “How businesses make decisions.”
  • “The best way to communicate the positive impact of our products and deliver a positive impact to the client.”
  • “An optimal process for sales.”
  • “Everything I learned I can apply to my growth in the company.”
  • “Elimination of pain is a strong motivator.”
  • “Always have an objective prior to a meeting.”
  • “Tools are available to improve performance.”
  • “Positioning is everything. Be willing to give in order to gain and grow.”
  • “Align my objective with the customer’s.”
  • “Identify quality conversations with clients and identify needs.”
  • “The absolute importance of being prepared for a meeting and having as much information as possible about who we are meeting prior to the meeting is critical to success.”

sales training programs

Feedback on AXIOM Sales Kinetics’ Development Classes

“I have had many sales training programs. This by far is one of the best classes I have had.”  -Phillip Galindo, Verizon

“As a marketing coordinator, I learned a tremendous amount about the Account Manager’s position and skills.”  -Jenny Howell, Verizon

“AXIOM [Sales Kinetics] training is energetic, impactful, and interesting. The exercises are helpful as roadmaps to utilize in our own individual situations.”  -John DeStefano, Verizon

“I can start using AXIOM Sales Kinetics’ lessons immediately.”  -Claire Caldwell, Verizon

“[AXIOM’s Sales Kinetics training programs] will help me be more successful.”  -Whitney March, Verizon

“I didn’t feel like my time was wasted.”  -C. Ellen Bright-Howard, Verizon

“Fantastic training that helped me look into myself and how to improve the way I approach a meeting with a property manager.”  -Brian Bartus, Verizon

“I recommend this type of training for my peers. Very rewarding.” – Michael Satchell, Verizon

“I was actually impressed with the level of detail and information. I thought it would be another standard sales presentation.”  -Quincy Roberts, Verizon

“[AXIOM Sales Kinetics] were done very intelligently and were more meaningful compared to [others].”  -Chuck Farace, Verizon

“I am looking forward to applying [what I learned] in the field.”  -Bryant Bryson, Verizon

“AXIOM [Sales Kinetics] helped me view the sales process from another perspective. A fresh perspective.”  -Valerie Villines, Verizon

“I will be a better Account Manager because of the skills I learned.”  -Efrain Algarin, Verizon

“Excellent presentation. Very knowledgeable and useful material.”  -Tom Burgess, Verizon

About ASK Selling Sciences Sales & Management Training Programs

For more than twenty years, ASK has elevated the sales profession by transforming the way sales organizations engage with customers. Firstly, we improve the way sales managers lead and coach. Secondly, ASK clients enjoy unique solutions that combine sales training programs, sales process, and methodology supported through integrated software solutions built on the Salesforce Platform. In fact, we are a leading voice in the industry. Thirdly, ASK provides implementation and consulting services that deliver exceptional results. This includes improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and lower customer and sales team churn.

What’s more, ASK prides itself on providing top-notch client service. And finally, our client testimonies speak for themselves. We are here to help you. For more information on how Axiom Sales Kinetics can help you build a world-class sales organization, visit .  Our world-class team of sales experts is here for you!

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