What happens when you combine Salesforce.com with a holistic solution that kinects CRM, sales process, and on demand e-learning?


You’re Welcome.

Investments in sales training and tools rarely deliver the anticipated ROI.

AXIOM is challenging the sales enablement status quo by providing a solution that replaces traditional sales training events and tools with a solution that drives continuous learning in the normal cadence of your business.

Traditional training events and sales tools generally achieve only 20% adoption, resulting in limited impact and a poor ROI.  ASK helps clients realize as much as 4X improvement by embedding selling and coaching applications, along with extensive micro learning assets, directly into their Salesforce.com CRM.

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By combining ASK’s  proven methodology with an extensive in-line learning library embedded into Salesforce.com applications, your customer engagements, coaching conversations, and business impact & ROI are TRANSFORMED.

Salesforce.ASK provides a radically better path to elite sales performance.

What happens when you replace ineffective sales training events and disjointed sales tools with an integrated CRM & sales process & methodology solution?

Lasting behavior change.

Stop doing what doesn’t work. 

the science behind behavior change
My Activities

A simple view of the calendar and any tasks/selling assignments and learning assignments that need to be completed.

My Metrics

My Metrics aligns sales objectives and activity targets with each seller’s skill set, providing precise clarity of the EXACT information required to maximize winning each opportunity.

My Opportunities

Inputting valuable Information Objectives into Salesforce.ASK is a powerful way to bring customers into your CRM, rather than just a meaningless data dump.

ASK’s revolutionary Win/Win probability algorithm provides insights to the seller on their ability to win.

Organizing the information that really matters most to a customer allows the seller to be fully focused on helping them make the best decision possible, rather than just making a sale.

THIS is how trusted advisors are born.

My Accounts

Salesforce.ASK shows basic account information, yet brings more value to the screen for sellers. Information objectives snippets visible on the account view, provides a cohesive snapshot of buyers’ issues & information gaps for sellers to address.

My Account Plan

Salesforce.ASK’s Account Planning and Management tool provides a single interface that kinect’s basic account data with opportunity & information objectives required to effectively create account plans.

When was the last time you opened up your CRM & were able to see EXACTLY what’s missing & had a tool to tell you EXACTLY how to get it?

Account plans are no longer documents created once a year, then put on the shelf.

Account plans are dynamic, living tools, accessible to sellers & managers, assuring sales leadership’s ability to provide teams & sellers with precision coaching and on demand, contextual resources.

Sellers have easy access to ALL information required to accurately assess the health of their opportunities and client relationships, and set meaningful objectives, strategic initiatives, solidifying the coveted trusted advisor title that your sellers should be aspiring to.

My Team

Salesforce.ASK is contextually based, allowing each organization’s hierarchy to be utilized. Managers are able to change their SFDC view to a single member of their team, allowing for precision coaching and just-in-time learning where needed.

My Coaching Tool
  • Assignments: Ability to directly assign selling activities to an individual team member
  • Diagnose (Coaching Wizard): We infused Axiom’s coaching model with our learning management system and the power of the application. These combined give a manager (or seller who wants to improve themselves) a guided coaching conversation around opportunity information objectives and areas of their individual metrics plans that need to be addressed to help them succeed. The discussion’s output leads you to a selection of learning assignments in the Axiom learning management system that addresses the root cause of the issue.
  • Training: Full access to the Axiom learning system of modules. Individuals can assign themselves specific learning, or leaders can assign learning to specific team members. Training is accessed on the My Activities page through an API into the Axiom LMS.
  • Observation: One of the best ways to determine skill and behavioral gaps is through field observations. Going out with your sellers and seeing how they perform. This part of the application has a rubric in place for opportunity and coaching observations. Then entire sales process is covered in the opportunity observation. The scoring model gives an overall score at the end of the observation. These scores, coupled with the seller’s metrics and opportunities, give a clear picture of how to help them improve.

TurboCharge your Salesforce.

Just ASK!

Salesforce.com is an incredibly powerful selling tool, but only if your salespeople use it. 

ASK’s Opportunity Management application simplifies mundane tasks that


axiom selling sciences methodology

Learn the science behind behavioral change and how to motivate yourself and those you manage to continue the journey to sales transformation.

Science of Developing Opportunities & Prospecting

‘Cold Calling’ has been a waste of time for years, yet we’ve seen an increase in that activity as more and more people compete for the limited budgets and mindshare of their potential customers.

You and your team can stop “cold-calling” decision-makers, NOW. 

ASK has developed a  logical, repeatable a business process that shows you how to turn ‘cold call’ into ‘Hot Leads’. 

Download white paper HERE.

Science of Qualifying

Stop Wasting Time on UNQUALIFIED Opportunities

If you or your sales people are closing 25% or less of the proposals you submit, you can be certain you are working UNQUALIFIED opportunities. It’s one of the primary reasons sales people fail.

What is the key to qualifying? It’s INFORMATION. The more of it a salesperson gathers, and the higher its quality, the greater the opportunity to earn a prospect’s business. This is a bold statement, but we GUARANTEE your reps aren’t collecting the information they need to fully qualify.  

ASK’s Science of Qualifying removes any obstacle that stands between a sales person and the information they need to qualify opportunities.

Download white paper HERE.

Science of Presenting

If you’re closing less than a third of the proposals you submit, how compelling do you believe your presentations are? Do your sales presentations truly motivate buyers to choose your company and your solutions?

If you look closely at your company’s next sales presentation you may find it is a DATA DUMP with little emphasis on a buyer’s business with too much energy spent explaining why the sales person believes they can meet the prospect’s “needs.”

ASK’s advanced module on sales presentations changes that.

Download white paper HERE.

Science of Handling Objections

Are your sales people giving away your profit margins unnecessarily? Probably.  Why? Because many sales people believe that cutting their price is necessary in order to win. While this may be true in some cases, it is rarely required with the frequency and to the degree with which it is done.

The ASK workshop module on Negotiating and Handling Objections changes this by empowering your sellers with a process that will allow them to effectively handle ANY objection they face. 

Download white paper HERE.

Science of Sales Management

This workshop is built on the fundamental logic that has made AXIOM’s Selling Sciences Program the benchmark sales training for hundreds of companies.

This logic, applied to the job of sales management, will provide your people with the skills and tools needed to overcome the three greatest OBSTACLES to their success:

  • the absence of a logical, repeatable process for selling
  • the lack of a process for managing & supporting sales efforts
  • the absence of the proper tools to do their jobs effectively. 

Download white paper here.

AXIOM’s Selling Sciences Programs

  • Call Planning
  • Prospecting & Demand Creation
  • Consultative Sales Conversations
  • Qualifying
  • Presenting & Recommending
  • Handling Objections
  • Negotiating
  • Strategic Opportunity Planning & Management
  • Key Account Planning & Management
  • Sales Pipeline Coaching & Management
  • Sales Performance Coaching

Build lasting relationships & win more business, as a trusted advisor to your clients, while simultaneously developing your skills & knowledge.

Why Salesforce.ASK?

Selling Powered by Science

Through experiential learning and predictive analytics, we are revolutionizing the way organizations assess, onboard and develop people, and aligning training with performance.

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