Salespeople: Why Do You Sell?


Why Do People Become Salespeople?

So you’ve followed our blogs and read the articles we’ve written. Or maybe you picked up a copy of our book, The Journey to Sales Transformation. If so, you know how we feel about the sales profession. We have a tremendous amount of respect for those who do it well and for the right reasons. ASK doesn’t support salespeople who chase deals, commission checks, or quota attainment. We believe the amount of money we make relates to the impact we have on other people’s lives.

Turns out, we are not alone. Many sellers believe that the purpose of our sales career should be pure. In fact, why we sell should have more impact on our success than what we sell. Furthermore, why we sell certainly defines the perception customers have of us. Simon Sinek is a highly respected author and lecturer. He believes there are very specific reasons certain people succeed. This is in contrast to sellers with better educations, greater capital, and preferable market conditions. His premise is very simple. It is also remarkably effective at explaining why some people succeed at selling while others fail. The key difference lies in the underlying motivation for these people.


Is it all about the money?

You see, some salespeople believe it’s about the money, the commissions, the paycheck. For these people, the purpose or “why” of every customer engagement is self-centered. It is all about the salesperson getting paid. Irrespective of what these people sell, or the strategies and tactics of how they do it, these people will never succeed at becoming trusted advisors to their customers. This is because their personal objectives conflict with those of their buyers.

The most successful salespeople in the world start at an entirely different place. They sell because they sincerely want to impact the people they work with. Furthermore, they relish the opportunity to leverage their solutions. This brings value to their customers. Moreover, they strive to ensure that in every interaction, with every prospect or customer, they are adding value. They work diligently to help prospects make the best decisions possible. Doing so allows them to fulfill their core purpose as sales professionals. Not coincidentally, these salespeople earn more trust. They build better relationships, uncover more opportunities, and produce superior results.

Salespeople should sell for the right reasons.

Though what we sell and how we do it may have some impact on our success, if we aren’t selling for the right reason we won’t ever realize our true potential. So think about it… why it is that you are selling?

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