You do it all.  Then you hit a wall. 

ASK Academy & CRM

for ENTREPRENEURS AND individuals

If you are like most, between years 3 and 5, your physical, mental and emotional bandwidth have been stretched to a breaking point. The early growth rate you experienced in the first couple of years? No longer possible. 

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It’s time to hire a salesperson.


You’re never ending nightmare begins…


Someone comes recommended. Resume looks good. Likable person. Successful in your industry.

Next… a salary, commissions, benefits, car allowance, mobile phone, laptop, expense account, all necessary to compete for sales talent.

Three months in. Reality. No sales.

Not enough activity? You tell your sellers to make more calls, submit more proposals, knock on more doors.

You ask for detailed reports on their activity. Still, no results, except payroll checks depleting your cash reserves.

Obviously, you hired the wrong person, so if you still have the stomach and the money, you wash, rinse and repeat, and start looking for the next sales superstar…”

It’s not them, it’s you …


Smart business leaders have an obligation to create process and structure that is so concise & clearly defined, they can turn ordinary people into elite salespeople, trusted advisors to your customers. You already know this with other segments of your business.

If you don’t pay attention to process and structure, you can take good people who have the capacity and desire to succeed, and when they fail, blame THEM for their inability to do the job.

With sellers, it is precisely what happens, over and over again. It’s probably happened to you. 

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People, Process, and Structure

All three are critical. All three need to be managed.

Which of the three should be your highest priority?

It’s NOT a people problem. It’s YOU. 

While people may be an invaluable asset to you, process and structure override them in terms of priority.

ASK is the solution that clearly defines the process and structure by which you produce greater sales results.

It is affordable, turnkey, logical, repeatable, and built from the buyer’s perspective, ensuring you maximize impact on the customers you serve.

Is it possible that EVERYONE in your organization agrees on a single way to sell?

ASK Academy & CRM turnkey program includes:

ask selling sciences curriculum


ASK Opportunity Management Application is designed as a sales tool FIRST, NOT a management tool.

  • Provides all necessary information to help you & your customer make the best decision possible
  • Fully integrated with E-Learning ensuring your team has the skills required to produce superior sales results.
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ask academy is the answer

to every single one of your sales problems.  PERIOD.  

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