When Traditional Sales Training Fails, Companies Turn to Axiom

We understand why traditional sales training fails because we’ve been there, done that. Prior to 2012 Axiom was much like other sales training companies – we taught people to Sell the Axiom Way by putting them into multi-day workshops. And participants LOVED THEM! Selling the Axiom Way is unique, compelling, fulfilling, and it works.

Selling the Axiom Way

Why does Selling the Axiom Way work where other methodologies fail? Simple, today’s buyers don’t want to be sold to; they want to be helped. Selling the Axiom Way is a comprehensive methodology that includes all the skills models necessary to transform your sellers into trusted advisors who bring value to everyone they meet. As a result, they learn more about their buyers, better understand their opportunities, close at a higher rate, and earn more referrals than their competition.

Selling the Axiom Way includes models for managing complex opportunities more effectively, building and executing winning account plans, and sales coaching that drives rep development and sales performance. Whether your team operates in a fast-paced, highly transactional environment, or works complex, enterprise opportunities, Selling the Axiom Way will allow them to build better relationships and win more.

Put simply, Selling the Axiom Way works! Unfortunately, traditional sales training events do not! 

Despite participants’ enthusiasm for Selling the Axiom Way, and the tremendous results achieved by people who became proficient with our methodology, clients weren’t getting the ROI they should. Our follow-up engagements showed that only 20% of people who attended training were using what they learned – the same as every other sales training provider. That may be acceptable if you want to sell training classes, but it definitely is not acceptable when your mission is to elevate the sales profession.

So, we did what most traditional sales training companies won’t do. We hired experts at the Western Michigan University Evaluation Center to evaluate our training programs with real clients and tell us why adoption was so low – yep, we asked them to show us and our clients why it wasn’t working as well as it should.

What we learned changes everything.

These studies revealed the truth about why sales training events fail, why sales methodology adoption is so low, and what we needed to do to provide a dramatically better solution.

Kinetics Sales Effectiveness Platform

The only Sales Effective Solution that embeds learning, coaching, and Selling the Axiom Way into your normal sales rhythm.

Kinetics Learning delivers a comprehensive library of content your people can complete incrementally over time, allowing them to learn and develop proficiency in the way their minds really work. The system allows your team to earn badges and certifications that will keep them engaged as their proficiency and results continually improve. Kinetics Learning can even be used to deliver internal online training such as product, industry, or process content.

Kinetics Content provides state of the art short-form online learning that aligns with the way today’s sellers want to consume content. This learning library is customized to your environment, so your people learn how to apply Selling the Axiom Way to your products, your target customers, and your competitive scenarios. And because all the content is branded using your logos, colors, and standards it will become an integral part of your sales operations, not some third-party offering that’s rarely used.

Kinetics Coaching helps transform sales managers into world-class coaches by making it easy for them to evaluate seller performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and assign learning activities that simultaneously improve skill and knowledge, execution, and results. Kinetics Coaching will also provide you with meaningful insights about coaching, learning, and selling effectiveness so you can drive continuous improvement.

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