Uptick Sales Training Partnership – Sciolytix & ASK

Virtual Active Learning Experience VALE 3D gamified sales simulations powered by Sciolytix and Axiom Selling Sciences

Uptick is the perfect sales simulation training. It enables AXIOM Sales Kinetics to deliver its proven methodology at a time when virtual content delivery is coming into vogue.

NEW YORK CITY; February 4, 2021 – Sciolytix and AXIOM Sales Kinetics partner to deliver experiential sales training via Uptick. Each organization brings unique expertise to make online, virtual sales training more engaging and accessible than ever before. This timely, synergistic partnership provides an effective substitute for live sales training, which has been curbed significantly by the pandemic.

AXIOM’s science-based methodology places the buyer’s journey front and center. Sciolytix’s award-winning, analytics-based experiential delivery modality improves reps’ readiness by instilling desired behaviors. This leads to better sales results.

This powerful partnership positions sales organizations for an exciting 2021. In-person training events, often delivering tepid results, are now replaced with online webinars. Unfortunately, this impedes sales leaders’ ability to evaluate, onboard, train, coach, and develop salespeople. The AXIOM-Sciolytix solution bridges pre- and post-pandemic business gaps in sales training and development.

uptick + AXIOM partnership

We Combine an Engaging Virtual Platform with Robust Training.

The UPtick platform uses 3D avatar simulations and gamification. It places reps in virtual selling situations that span the sales process. Furthermore, it provides individualized feedback and coaching while delivering insights to leadership on their team. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.

AXIOM Sales Kinetics’ proprietary sales methodology helps countless organizations achieve sustainable sales success. Businesses include AT&T and Verizon.

“At the start of 2020 we embarked on a plan to adapt our five-day training courses into an online format,” said Bob Nicols, CEO of Axiom Sales Kinetics. “We saw a need to deliver virtually. But partnering with Sciolytix has provided us with an opportunity to offer a reinforcement platform that complements the courses. This accomplishes two objectives.”

“The sales leaders I speak with believe virtual sales training is here to stay due to cost savings and efficiencies,” said Nick Rini, Chief Revenue Officer for Sciolytix. “At the same time, they’re preparing for the next inevitable future business disruption. The Axiom-Sciolytix partnership will address these concerns while bringing exceptional value to companies seeking a sales training program that sticks and delivers results.”

AXIOM Sales Kinetics + Sciolytix + Uptick deliver the first courses in April 2021. Many installments to follow.

About Sciolytix
Sciolytix is the technology innovator behind DigitalChalk LMS and Uptick. Specifically, it specializes in experiential learning and improves business performance through behavior change. Our Deep ScoringTM methodology gives leaders insight to manage individuals and teams strategically. Point in fact, this both unlocks human potential and predicts the likelihood of success. Our immersive training experiences inspire engagement. What’s more, they help employees learn, develop, and grow. Lastly, it prepares sellers for real-world challenges they encounter every day. This is vitally important for sales transformation.

About AXIOM Sales Kinetics
AXIOM Sales Kinetics is a globally acclaimed trailblazer that challenges the status quo. This is achieved through an exceptionally simple, yet radically powerful sales methodology that is centered around the buyer’s journey. Serving Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Disney, and Verizon, AXIOM Sales Kinetics conducts programs for salespeople, sales managers, and executive managers in 40+ countries. AXIOM Sales Kinetics offers online learning and web-based delivery. Even better, it includes the first Opportunity Management Application sales tool that is fully integrated with online learning. This comes full circle by adding immersive, futuristic, virtual sales simulations.

Reach out to AXIOM Sales Kinetics today. Our fully trained staff has decades of top-level sales training experience. Point in fact, we are here to revolutionize your company’s sales process. What’s more, by using our proven methodology, sales revenue increases substantially. Check us out at axiomsaleskinetics.com.

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