Lift the VALE
Reveal the TRUTH

VALE is defined as a way to express farewell.

We bid farewell to the old way of learning.

If you’re here, chances are, you’re ready to do the same.

Virtual Active Learning Experience

Coming spring 2021

Unlock the sales potential of every employee.

perfect practice makes perfect.

Experiential Learning to Power a Superior Sales Organization


VALE uses the same technology employed by Disney and Pixar Studios to put your sales people in realistic, customizable sales scenarios, intended to advance and test their knowledge and skill in a safe, no pressure environment. 

ASK’s VALE sales simulations with gamification are built to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure.

We are seamlessly blending professional learning with the same types of activities your sellers are engaged in in real life.

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What is VALE with Axiom SSP?

ASK’s virtual sales simulations solve several talent-related challenges sales organizations face:

VALE is a practice simulator for salespeople that delivers engaging 3D simulations reflecting the real-life customer interactions they face.

Like a batting cage, VALE gives reps the opportunity to repeatedly practice these interactions in a safe space to develop critical thinking skills and judgement essential for their success.

Axiom’s VALE is like a flight simulator for salespeople. It provides a safe place to practice sales conversations without putting relationships or deals at risk (by taking chances in real selling situations). It leverages gamification through an engaging interface combined with leaderboards, and friendly competition within sales teams.

The VALE sales readiness platform uses simulations to train sales reps through a series of conversation modules that span the lifecycle of the sales journey, providing individualized feedback and coaching at each step. It measures, predicts, and develops the capabilities of each sales person while delivering data and insights to sales leaders on their reps and team.

Why VALE with Axiom SSP?

VALE solves several talent-related challenges sales organizations face:

Selling Powered by Science

Through experiential learning and predictive analytics, we are revolutionizing the way organizations assess, onboard and develop people, and aligning training with performance. 

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