When Traditional Sales Training Fails, People Turn To Axiom

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How To Get Your Sales Team To commit To Demolishing Their Quotas & Bring In Maximum Revenue

Axiom Brings Your Sales Teams into the Future

Axiom provides a powerful alternative to traditional sales training that helps companies with 50+ salespeople transform your sales team into a high-performing unit that consistently outperforms your competition.

Axiom’s comprehensive solution elevates how your people learn, coach, and sell by embedding continuous improvement into your normal sales cadence. With Axiom it’s not about a one-time boost; it’s about integrating learning into every single day. With Axiom your sales team is on a continuous upward trajectory.

With Axiom, your people:

  • Have more productive customer conversations
  • Differentiate your solutions in powerful, compelling ways
  • Sell more at higher margins
  • Win more often and waste less time on unqualified opportunities
  • Achieve their objectives and enjoy their work

To understand how we’re different, and how we will bring your sales into the future, take a moment to learn why traditional sales training doesn’t work.

The Problems with Traditional Sales Training

You’ve invested in sales training events, watched your team’s initial enthusiasm, only to see it fade away within weeks. The hard truth? Traditional sales training methods just don’t work. And here are five reasons why:

1. Ineffective Methodologies
Unfortunately some sales training fails because it isn’t particularly useful. From methods that put sellers at odds with the very buyers they serve, to programs heavy on concepts but light on tactics. Methods that don’t work don’t get used.

2. Ignoring the Science 

In recent years neuroscience has revealed tremendous insights about how people learn and develop new skills. Unfortunately, traditional sales training hasn’t kept pace. Most programs are anchored in an event-based approach that overwhelms participants with too much content, in too little time, with too little context.

3. No Program for Continuous Improvement

Many sales training programs offer “refresher training” but that’s not the same as having a programmatic approach to incremental improvement.

4. Separating Learning from Working
Traditional training pulls people away from their work, then tries to replicate what happens when they are at work. Why not train and coach them in the rhythm of work instead: it’s more effective and less disruptive.

5. Managers Don’t Drive Development
Everyone knows that sales managers have more influence over what their people do than anyone. Yet traditional sales training programs do almost nothing to engage and equip managers to drive the development of their teams. If you want great results, equip and leverage managers to be great coaches.

Axiom is not
Traditional Sales Training.

Axiom Transforms Sellers into Trusted Advisors

Traditional Sales Training has historically been skewed in favor of the seller…often at the buyer’s expense. This approach places the buyer and seller in a competitive stance over the buyer’s money.

This is outdated and ineffective in today’s trust economy.

The world has changed and buyers are smarter. Buyers do not want to be sold to, they want to be helped.

Sales isn’t about convincing people to do what you want – it is about helping the buyer figure out what they want.

As the landscape shifts, it’s not about pushing products – but about building genuine trust. With buyers becoming increasingly discerning, old tactics and techniques fall flat.

The modern solution? You need to transform your sales team into trusted advisors.

Our methodology turns your salespeople into trusted advisors.

Axiom Embeds Learning into Your Sales Cadence

At Axiom, we believe that true mastery is a continuous journey, not a destination. That’s why we’ve designed our learning system to be a natural part of your business’s daily rhythm. Our approach goes beyond the classroom, embedding growth into every aspect of your weekly operations.

Learning needs to be continuous and embedded in the rhythm of your business. 

Experience the Power of Weekly Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with weekly coaching sessions led by your sales managers. Their authority, leverage, and respect are not just advantageous – they’re crucial. This consistent guidance ensures that your team isn’t just learning; they’re evolving.

Training, Coaching, Application: The Triad of Success

We understand that knowledge alone doesn’t lead to success – it’s the application that makes all the difference. Axiom’s method combines Training, Coaching, and Real world Application to foster true growth. This powerful triad is the key to transforming your sales team into top performers.

We help you seamlessly blend sales learning, coaching, and progress tracking into your everyday operations.

Axiom Equips Sales Managers to Become World-Class Coaches

Traditional sales training misses the mark by sidelining the pivotal role of the Sales Manager. They focus solely on the sales team and neglect the very cornerstone of effective sales leadership.

The path to a high-performing sales team is led by Sales Managers equipped with the right tools and insights. When Sales Managers are overlooked, the entire team’s potential is left untapped, leading to poor performance and missed quotas.

You Need to Empower your Sales Managers

That’s where Axiom stands apart. We revolutionize the role of Sales Managers, transforming them into elite coaches who are the driving force behind their teams’ success.

Our comprehensive approach provides Sales Managers with the resources and skills necessary to conduct impactful coaching sessions weekly. This consistent, hands-on guidance ensures that your sales team is not just trained but truly coached to excellence

This fosters an environment where continuous improvement is the norm and exceptional sales results are achieved.

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

You may be familiar with the famous quote from Peter Drucker “What gets measured gets managed.” To excel in sales, you must measure it. 

If you want your people to actually get better you need to measure their learning progress and skill proficiency.

Axiom provides the tools to track your team’s learning progress, ensuring that every step forward is recognized and built upon. With our system, improvement isn’t just a goal – it’s a measurable reality.

Work With Us To Improve Your Sales Results

You need amazing sales results. And you need them to happen now.

Axiom is the team to deliver these results. 

Join some of the biggest companies in the world including Disney, Alltel, Thryv, Verizon, and AT&T and improve your results with the Axiom way.

Axiom customers have seen incredible results including:

  • A remarkable 50% growth in closing ratios using our methods.
  • One company generated over a billion dollars in incremental annual revenue.
  • Clients have seen results 4 times more effective than traditional sales training.
  • Some companies have seen 16% increase in revenue per sales representative.
  • And most companies have seen a 50% to 150% improvement in quota attainment.

Join the 50,000 professionals who have been trained the Axiom way.

We invite you to get a massive ROI on your sales training budget and finally do it the right way.

Start hitting quotas. Start hitting projections. Build a better stronger team. And grow your income now.

Book some time on our calendar now – so we can help you today.