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Is it possible that EVERYONE in your organization agrees on a single way to sell?

We guarantee 100% of your team will believe that our methodology is the ONLY way they should sell


…or we’ll refund every penny.  We have to develop a process for refunds, because even with thousands of sales professionals trained over 30 years, we’ve never had to give one.

ASK. Internalize. Implement. Reward. 

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ASK in Action

Measurable Impact.

Altaworx was founded in 2003 by Rickie Richey to address the emerging demand for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business telephone systems.


Growth since starting with Axiom
In 2014, ASK was embedded in Altaworx culture, not just as a selling methodology, but part of their DNA.


3-year Growth Rate
ASK helps place Altaworx in INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 3 years in a row!


Revenue per employee
Employees share in the success, and all committed to Axiom core principles

At Altaworx, the Axiom processes Bob taught us were the keys to Altaworx becoming a four-time INC 5000 company and Entrepreneur Magazine 360 award winner. Becoming a partner with Axiom brings our business life full circle. I look forward to sharing what we learned about focusing on business impacts and how building a sales process can enable any business to achieve outstanding results.


A great book on how a logical, repeatable process can transform the sales organization from a person centric culture. 


What I really liked are the fables and anecdotes with which Bob Nicols makes each of the 25 axioms live and real!


Jagdish N. Sheth

Professor of Marketing, Emory University

Goizueta Business School

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“Want to transform your sales organization, but don’t really know where to start? This is your guide.”


Jim Dickie, Sales Mastery